Semen Analysis
Lab Visit
Rs. 750
Sample: Semen
Turnaround Time: Same day
About Test:

The Semen Analysis test is useful to test whether a man is fertile or subfertile. This test also looks at the mobility and quality of the sperm (male reproductive cell contained inside semen), which is important to see whether it can fertilize an egg/ovum. The parameters looked at are sperm motility (how well and far they move), morphology (whether they are ideal in structure), viability (whether they can fertilize an egg), volume, and presence of white blood cells in semen. It is also helpful in seeing whether a vasectomy has been successful

When should you do a semen analysis test?

When there is difficulty in achieving conception(pregnancy). The semen analysis is the cornerstone of fertility testing. It can also be requested following a vasectomy.

How do I give a sample for semen analysis?

You will be handed a sterile container with your name and identification on the same. In a private room, by ejaculation, you will need to produce a sample. A sample from a condom is not ideal for semen testing. If the sample is produced at home, then it should reach the lab within 1 hour at body temperature(By keeping it in the pocket of your pants)


What is a normal result for a semen analysis test?

Normal results based on World Health Organization (WHO) criteria are given below. Figures shown are lowest acceptable result (5th percentile) and 95% confidence limits in brackets:

  • Semen volume (mL): 1.5 (1.4-1.7).
  • Total sperm number (106 per ejaculation): 39 (33-46).
  • Sperm concentration (106 per mL): 15 (12-16).
  • Total motility (%): 40 (38-42).
  • Progressive motility (%): 32 (31-34).
  • Vitality (live spermatozoa, %): 58 (55-63).
  • Sperm morphology (normal forms, %): 4 (3.0-4.0).

Common terms used to describe sperm counts are as follows:

  • Oligozoospermia: <15 million spermatozoa/mL.
  • Asthenozoospermia: <32% motile spermatozoa.
  • Teratozoospermia: <4% normal forms.

Other related tests for male infertility:

1.Sperm DNA Fragmentation

2.Sperm Mitochondrial Membrane Potential(MMP)

3.Hormonal assays such as FSH,LH,Prolactin in the male infertility profile




Medical condition:

Male infertility


Test preparation:

Abstinence of 4 days

Any Other Information

  • How many days of abstinence is required for a Semen Test?

4 days

  • Can the patient collect semen at home and get it to the Lab?

Yes, but it needs to be brought within 60 minutes of collection. Please note there is no home visit facility provided for semen collection.

  • Is Semen Testing done on Sundays?

No. It is done from Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at our Dadar Lab.

  • Do you conduct Semen Wash for IUI treatment? What is the turnaround time for the delivery of washed specimens?

Yes, we conduct Semen Wash at our Dadar Lab, from Monday to Saturday, between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Washed specimen delivery time will depend on the submission of the sample.

Semen Analysis
Test Code : SEMEN
Rs. 750
Sample: Semen
Turnaround Time: Same day

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