Sperm Dna Fragmentation
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Rs. 4,500
Sample: Semen
Turnaround Time: After 3 Days
About Test:

Sperm DNA Fragmentation:


The sperm DNA fragmentation test is used to calculate the per cent of DNA that is fragmented. that occurs in the sperm within a sample of semen produced by a male. DNA is a very important part of the sperm. It passes on your characteristics to a newborn child. There is always some breaking down of DNA during sperm production. However, the amount cannot be too high.

Sperm DNA fragmentation refers to either a single-stranded or double-stranded break in the DNA of the sperm. In the sperm, there is an inability to repair these breaks and hence the DNA damage persists. This DNA damage can negatively affect conception and cause subfertility.

The causes of increased Sperm DNA fragmentation are:

1. Oxidative stress: Smoking, excessive alcohol, Obesity, High BMI, Diabetes, Drugs., varicocele, advanced age, radiation

2.Defective Chromatin Maturation

3.Defective apoptosis: Sperm which were designed to be eliminated is not due to a defect in apoptosis

Effect of an increased Sperm DNA fragmentation:

1.Less likely to conceive naturally

2.Increased risk of recurrent pregnancy loss

3.Cant affect the outcome of assisted reproduction techniques(ART)


What is the procedure of the sperm DNA fragmentation test?

A semen sample has to be produced by the male in our centre after 2-3 days of abstinence from intercourse or ejaculation.

This sample is put through a centrifugation process and then processed for flow cytometry

Judging by the amount of Fragmented DNA on the flow cytometer machine, a percentage DFI is given.

Anything above 20-25% DFI is considered to have an impact on fertility

Indications for Sperm DNA Fragmentation testing?

Unexplained or idiopathic male infertility

Recurrent pregnancy loss

Clinical varicocele

Lifestyle risk factors

Before or after the failure of ART–IUI, IVF, ICSI

Recurrent pregnancy loss after ICSI

Sperm freezing

Can an abnormal Sperm DNA fragmentation test be treated?

There are certain steps to be taken post an abnormal test.

1.Treat the underlying cause. For example, varicocele can increase the DFI by 5%. Treatment of varicocele will therefore reduce the DFI. Or treating an infection with an antibiotic

2.Lifestyle modification: Quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake. Regular exercise, reducing the BMI

3.Use of ICSI(the technique that the doctors will use for treatment).

4.Recurrent ejaculation

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Medical condition:


Test preparation:

Abstinence of 4 days

Sample can be frozen and transported in dry ice


About Disease

What is DNA?

DNA is genetic material. It transfers our characteristics to our children in the form of genes It is extremely complex and made up of several proteins that represent our traits. These are passed on to our children during fertilization. However, if the DNA in the reproductive cells (sperm and ova) are fragmented, conceiving a child can be harder.

What increases the risk DNA fragmentation?

In addition to natural fragmentation, stress caused by free elements within the body can lead to a breaking down of DNA in the sperm. This is related to: Stress Fever or inflammation ,Excess smoking and alcohol use ,Recreational drug use, Using body-building supplements , Sexually transmitted infections

Any Other Information

Sperm DNA fragmentation should be done along with the Sperm Mitochondrial membrane potential test


Sperm Dna Fragmentation
Test Code : SPERMD
Rs. 4,500
Sample: Semen
Turnaround Time: After 3 Days

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