Sperm Dna Fragmentation
Lab Visit
Rs. 4,500
Sample: Semen
Turnaround Time: After 3 Days
About Test:

The sperm DNA fragmentation test is used to calculate the amount of breaking down of DNA that occurs in the sperm within a sample of semen produced by a male. DNA is a very important part of the sperm. It passes on your characteristics to a new-born child. There is always some breaking down of DNA during sperm production. However, the amount cannot be too high.

Medical condition:

Information not available

Test preparation:

Abstinence of 4 days

About Disease

What is DNA?

DNA is genetic material. It transfers our characteristics to our children in the form of genes It is extremely complex and made up of several proteins that represent our traits. These are passed on to our children during fertilization. However, if the DNA in the reproductive cells (sperm and ova) are fragmented, conceiving a child can be harder.

What increases the risk DNA fragmentation?

In addition to natural fragmentation, stress caused by free elements within the body can lead to a breaking down of DNA in the sperm. This is related to: Stress Fever or inflammation ,Excess smoking and alcohol use ,Recreational drug use, Using body-building supplements , Sexually transmitted infections

Sperm Dna Fragmentation
Test Code : SPERMD
Rs. 4,500
Sample: Semen
Turnaround Time: After 3 Days

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