Blood Sugar Fasting + Post Lunch
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Rs. 150
Sample: Blood
Turnaround Time: Same day
About Test:

These two blood sugar tests, conducted one after another, can help determine blood sugar levels in the fasting state, as well as after a meal. They help to accurately judge the levels of glucose in the blood, and see whether these are above or below the normal range. They also help monitor treatment for diabetes and problems with the pancreas.

Medical condition:

Information not available

Test preparation:

Requires 12 hours fasting for the first test and meal has to be consumed for the second

About Disease

How does the body regulate blood sugar?

Our body needs glucose, a type of sugar, in order to utilize energy and perform daily activities. However, after eating, we don’t use all our blood sugar at once. Insulin, released by a gland known as the pancreas, helps to regulate the levels of sugar within the blood. It helps us to effectively use the sugar that we obtain from eating food. Lower levels of insulin within the body may lead to high levels of blood sugar.

What is diabetes mellitus?

The causes of diabetes mellitus can be genetic or due to poor lifestyle choices. In Type 1 diabetes, the immune cells of the body start to attack the insulin producing cells, leading to higher blood sugar. In type 2 diabetes, the body stops using insulin properly. Both of these can be managed by medication and lifestyle changes such as proper sleep, controlling sugar intake and carbohydrates, and regular exercise.

Some warning signs for diabetes include:

Excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination, Weight loss or gain, Tiredness, Irritable mood, Blurry vision, Slow-healing wounds


This indicates lower than normal blood sugar levels, and could arise as a result of diabetes treatment. However, it may also occur in case of low sugar in the diet. Drinking a sweet beverage or chewing on a mint can relieve it.

Some symptoms include: Shakiness/ dizziness, Hunger, Irritability, Headache, Anxiety/ nervousness, Fainting

Blood Sugar Fasting + Post Lunch
Test Code : SUGAR1
Rs. 150
Sample: Plasma(Fluoride)
Turnaround Time: Same day

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