Allergen Panel (crab)
Includes 1 Components
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Lab Visit
Rs. 1,500
Sample: Blood
Turnaround Time: 3rd Day
About Test:

This panel of blood tests are used to detect the presence of certain antibodies within the blood that indicate the presence of an allergy to crab.

Medical condition:

Related symptoms 

Test preparation:

No test preparation is required

Components Included:

In this profile, the blood sample drawn from the patient is tested for allergies to crab by detecting the presence of IGE antibodies.

About Disease

What are the symptoms of a shellfish allergy?

A shellfish allergy is usually seen in adults, but sometimes, one may also see it in children. Symptoms include: Vomiting, stomach cramps, indigestion, and diarrhea, wheezing and shortness of breath, Difficulty in breathing, cough, Hives and swelling on the skin

Allergen Panel (crab)
Includes 1 Components
Test Code : 3068P
Rs. 1,500
Sample: Serum
Turnaround Time: 3rd Day

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