Food Allergy Gastrointestinal (non Veg & Veg) Panel
Includes 1 Components
Home Visit
Lab Visit
Rs. 10,000
Sample: Blood - Serum
Turnaround Time: 2nd Day - 24 hours
About Test:

This panel of tests helps to see if there is an allergic reaction produced by certain food groups that leads to allergies.

It detects specific IgE antibodies from your blood to look for an allergic reaction to various types of food substances. It is considered the gold standard of allergy testing and is totally safe unlike the skin prick tests.


Components of the Tests:

In this profile, the blood sample drawn from the patient is tested for allergies to various foods including:
House dust, Milk, Wheat, rice, Soybean, Potato, Onion, Tomato, Apples, Peanut, Coconut, Egg white, Egg yolk, Chicken, Cod, fish, shrimp, Pork, Beef, Mutton

It has a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

Medical condition:

Symptoms of Food Allergies:

Rash  Nausea Cramping abdominal pain Diarrhea\loose stools Itchy skin Shortness of breath Chest pain Swelling of the airways to the lungs

Test preparation:

No test preparation is required. The sample is taken from venous blood

Components Included:

What is Eczema?
Eczema is an allergic reaction that is characterized by redness or itchiness of skin. It is commonly seen in children. Allergic eczema reactions usually arise 6-24 hours after an allergen has been consumed, or if the skin is exposed to an allergen.


What is Food Allergy?

Food allergies are an over-hyper-reaction of your body's immune system to certain types of food. Food allergies can cause various symptoms unrelated to the GI tract. The symptoms can be mild or severe. Food allergies develop after your body is exposed to a type of food that it believes is harmful. They can be genetic in nature and are passed on in families. The first time you have this type of food, your body forms antibodies(IgE). The first time either has no reaction or a mild one. The 2nd time you eat this food, your body releases more IgE and histamine along with other substances. This chemical (Histamine) can have an effect on various organs of your body including your lungs and heart. If the histamine is released in the throat, you can have breathing difficulties. If it's released in the skin, you can have hives.



Food Allergy Gastrointestinal (non Veg & Veg) Panel
Includes 1 Components
Test Code : 3376P
Rs. 10,000
Sample: Serum
Turnaround Time: 2nd Day - 24 hours

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