Tips to maintain a healthy diet for Diabetics

They say you are what you eat. This is even more applicable to those who are suffering from diabetes. There are few important diet tips for those on a diabetic diet. Even if you are pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic, or diabetes is part of your family, it is important to follow a low-sugar diet to prevent diabetes.

A person with diabetes should follow a diet which is low in carbohydrates, high in fibre and contains adequate amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals; and avoid fatty foods and sweets.

A diabetic diet should consist more of buttermilk, fresh seasonal fruits, and green vegetables in adequate quantities. Your total caloric intake should be 1500-1800 calories with the proportion of carbohydrates, fats & proteins at 60:20:20 respectively.

Some home remedies to include in a diabetic diet:-

  1. You can have 1 teaspoon of methi seeds soaked overnight in water. This is said to help in control of diabetes.


  1. Drink tomato juice with salt and pepper every morning on an empty stomach.


  1. 5 -6 almonds soaked overnight will also help to keep a check on diabetes.
  2. Whole grains, oats, channa atta, millets and other high fibre foods should be a part of the diet.
  3. Vegetables such as peas, beans, broccoli, spinach /leafy vegetables, pulses with husk and sprouts should be part of your diet.
  4. Pulses are important in a low sugar, as their effect on blood glucose is less than that of most other carbohydrate containing foods. Vegetables rich in fibre help lowering down the blood sugar levels and thus are healthy.
  5. Good fats such as Omega-3 and mono-unsaturated fats should be consumed as they are good for the body. Natural sources of these are flax seed oil, fatty fish and nuts.


  1. Fruits high in fibre such as papaya, apple, orange, pear and guava should be consumed. Mangoes, bananas, and grapes contain high sugar; therefore these fruits should be consumed lesser than the others.
  2. It is essential to take small frequent meals to prevent both extreme blood sugar values and keep them constant. In between snacks can be dhokla, fruit, high fibre cookies, butter milk, yogurt, upma/poha with vegetables etc.

What needs to be avoided?

  1. Artificial sweeteners can be used in cakes and sweets for diabetic people (in moderation).
  2. Limit intake of alcohol
  3. Diabetic people who are non vegetarian should consume seafood and chicken rather than red meat as red meat contains higher amount of saturated fats.

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