Summer Diseases to watch out for

Summer Diseases


Summers are not all about vacations and holidays, these months are also ripe with the possibility of a plethora of diseases. Over and above the usual heat related illnesses, the heat and the humidity become a perfect environment for bacteria and germs to flourish if one is not careful enough. Precautions are not just for those with a history of similar illness, but for everyone in general when it comes to common summer diseases.
Here are a few summer ailments you need to watch out for this season:


This condition is basically the increase of the core body temperature. summerIf you work-out regularly or are fond of playing sports, you could run the risk of increasing your body temperature to levels higher than normal, resulting in hyperthermia. It can lead to a number of complications including coma or even death in extreme cases. Limit your sun exposure and ensure you have a hat with you at all times. Keep your clothing comfortable and airy to avoid a build-up of heat.

Chicken pox

Caused by the Varicella Zoster virus, this disease spreads usually among children and can cause the individual to break out in red rashes spots or boils. chickenpoxThis disease is highly contagious and requires acute care and attention to avoid infection. The body recovers from the disease in about ten days. There is a vaccine available to protect you against this disease. If you are in contact with someone who has it make sure you wash your hands and disinfect them thoroughly. Isolating the patient is one of the best options to avoid passing on the infection.


Extreme heat and humidity can lead the body to perspire at a higher rate in order to cool down the body. This, however, results in losing a lot of water and salts for the body. summerDehydration leads to decreased blood volume and sodium depletion. It can cause dry lips and tongue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, cramps and dark urine. Sodium depletion, or hypovolemia, can reduce the production of sweat and cause an increase in your core temperature. Make sure you hydrate regularly with not just water but also with essential electrolytes. Make fruit juices a regular part of your day during summer.


A common occurrence these days, flu is a common side effect of indulging in too much air conditioning or chilled drinks. Excessive oily foods, sugars and cold drinks can increase your chances of contracting the flu.

Skin rashes during summer

The heat affects different skin types in different ways. It can cause a break-out of rashes, or boils or even itchy patches near your joints. If you are stepping out in the sun make sure you have good quality sunscreen applied on your skin. Melanoma, or skin cancer, is a reality in countries exposed to high sunlight. Skin rashes can occur to babies as well because of constant moisture and heat. Use talcum powder to keep your skin dry and wipe the sweat off immediately. The presence of sweat and salt on your skin for a long time can also cause itchiness or rashes.


Also known as Hepatitis A, jaundice usually occurs due to an indulgence in contaminated food and water. Make sure that you boil all the water you drink and eat light and healthy food instead of heavy and oil rich foods. This disease causes a yellowing of the mucous membranes, itching of the skin, dark yellow urine, among other symptoms.

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