Stop! Avoid outside food in the rains.. Or read this before eating!

Follow these rules before you indulge and that will ensure that you are healthy enough to enjoy the rest of the monsoon! 


Basic Nutrition Rules to follow in the rainy season.

1. Consume Natural Diuretics:- This rainy season, one should consume natural drinks like Jasmine tea, barley tea and barley sattu. During the Rainy season, a lot of people do not lose as much water as we do in the summer season due to the high level of humidity. Hence, a lot of people experience water retention and swelling. To avoid this, consume these natural diuretics and they will help the body to lose water.

phadke labs food monsoon
Diuretic teas – Highly recommended in the monsoons

 2. Consume Boiled Foods: – Intake of Spicy food should be avoided. Consume more of boiled or steamed foods like Boiled corn, brown rice, poha, steamed sprouts & idlis. These foods are light and easy to digest.

phadke labs food monsoon

 3. Non fried Foods: – During Rainy season, there is a lot of humidity in the atmosphere. At this time, you should avoid heavy and oily food since they are not good for your digestive system. Strictly avoid Potato chips, namkeens and samosas.

phadke labs monsoon food
Avoid this in the monsoon!

4. Avoid Street Foods:- Monsoons are the harbinger of breeding bacteria in food items and thus you should avoid eating outside food. Avoid Road side Golas, juices or kulfis. Eating salads from outside might also induce ingestion of germs as germs thrive on vegetables that are not fresh and unwashed.


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