Reasons to Consider Annual Medical Examination

Medical Examination

Certain headaches, muscle pains or simple flu are often neglected especially if you are too busy dealing with more important things in life. However, experts say that these petty things could be indications of a more serious health condition. Thus, an annual medical examination is necessary.

Annual medical exams are now readily available through Diagnostics Lab Test Centre in Mumbai. These routine medical tests allow:

1. Early Prevention of Diseases using Health Examination

Prevention is hundred fold better than cure. Early detection of a serious ailment is the best way of preventing it. Conventional laboratory tests require patients to go to an actual clinic or hospital to be done. Today, tests can be done in the comfort of your home through home collection facility in Mumbai.

2. Identification of Diseases with no Apparent Symptoms

Some fatal diseases have no apparent symptoms, and before you know it, medications couldn’t do much. Annual medical examination allow your doctors to check your overall health status comprehensively and identify potential diseases through medical tests in Mumbai. Lab tests will only last a few hours, but it could extend your life for several more years.

3. Update Your Clinical Records

Monitoring your clinical records year after year could show a trend on the state of your health. Annual medical examaminations allow you to compare results with that during your previous doctor appointment. Any change in your numbers could mean something that only your doctor can identify. You can set an appointment with home visit doctors in Mumbai at your most convenient time.

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