Preventive measures for heart disease

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is the worst thing that one can do to your heart. No level of smoke is safe, and the heart attack risk rises with every cigarette smoked daily. As soon as you stop smoking, the risk of heart attack reduces though it takes several years to undo most of the cardiovascular damage.

Cut down on Sodium:


The recommended daily limit is just 1500 milligrams for people over 50, people with hypertension, diabetes or kidney disease. Others should aim for less than 2300 milligrams to reduce the risk of hypertension & Stroke. It can be accomplished only by cutting down on processed foods, restaurant meals and fast foods. Also Cutting salt will reduce the number of medications the person has to take.

Be Active:


Exercise reduces the blood pressure, raising HDL cholesterol, decreases clot formation & helps maintain a healthy weight. Walk briskly or do other aerobic exercise for atleast 30 minutes.

Know your family History:


If you have a family history of heart attack, then you need to take special care of your health. You cannot change the risk that you are at but you can control the risk factors.

Keep your BP in check:


You need to keep your blood pressure under control. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Even a small change in your blood pressure can affect your cardiovascular risk.

Control Blood Sugar:


People having diabetes are at greater risk for heart attack and stroke than people without it. Even if you have slightly higher sugar level then it increases the risk of coronary disease. If you are in this state, then you need to take care of sugar level through diet, exercise and medication.

Maintain a healthy weight:


Keep your weight under check. Being obese, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as hypertension and Diabetes which further increases the risk. Therefore you need to keep your weight in a healthy range.

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