Male infertility tests: Everything you wanted to know

Male infertility tests: What are they and what do they mean?

male infertility tests

There are certain tests that are done for male infertility

  1. MMP by Flowcytometry
  2. Viability by flowcytometry
  3. Sperm DNA Fragmentation,
  4. Semen Test
  5. Kruger Criteria.

In this article we will be discussing the first test as of now.

MMP by Flowcytometry
(Mitochondrial Membrane Potential)

What is the Importance of doing this test?

  • MMP can be used as a routine screening test for all patients of infertility. This test provides us with information of Depolarized sperm percentage (Low MMP) as well as polarized sperm percentage(High MMP).
  • Analyzing MMP helps in determining the sperm quality.
  • Higher the MMP, better is the Sperm motility and the fertility potential (morphology, Acrosome reaction and Motility).

MMP helps in Decision making for infertility treatment

  • Carole Marchetti et al showed post preparation of samples by Density gradient centrifugation(Puresperm, which we have started in our lab)
  • If MMP was >64%: IVF is a reasonable first line of therapy
  • If MMP was <64%: ICSI is advisable
  • High MMP values (>64%): Showed Higher Grade A Embryos

male infertility tests

 Here is a recent Case Study:-

Patient:- Mr. X

Age:- 25 yrs

Case history:-

  • No smoking
  • Married For 5 yrs
  • Severe asthenospermia with Normal Count.

We advised them to do Mitochondrial Membrane Potential test by FC(MMP)

Result of MMP by FC was as follows:-

The MMP of the Patient was 60% which means the overall quality of the sperm is very good.

Post MMP:-

  • Again the Motility of the sperm was checked, which showed the sperm were vibrating in the same place (ie) not moving forward) which might indicate that there was some other cause of low motility.
  • After the result was communicated to the doctor, An electron microscopic examination of the sperm was advised to see what was causing the this abnormal motility. DNA Fragmentation was also advised.
  • When the DNA Fragmentation was done result was found to be in the range of “Good to Fair” & the electron microscopic examination showed Flagella defect.
  • With these reports, we suggested the doctor to go for ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

This way , the test helps in diagnosing the condition and selecting the treatment.

We hope this article has helped you understand a part of the male infertility tests.w

If this article has helped you, or you would like to know about some other tests, do let us know, else we will be posting the next post or Viability by flowcytometry.


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