If you can’t seem to put on any weight – You might be suffering from Hyperthyroidism! (Read on..)

Do you suffer from Hyperthyroidism?


In the world, there are many people with an overactive thyroid and this is called hyperthyroidism. Women suffer from this more than men do. Thyroid glands control the body’s metabolism and an overactive thyroid puts the body in to overdrive.

The overall health and well being of the person is dependent on the thyroid gland. Throughout life, the thyroid gland produces hormones which are very important for the body’s metabolism. If there is an imbalance in production by the thyroid gland (overproduction or underproduction of the hormone) then it influences the overall health of the person adversely.

The symptoms of an overactive thyroid can be subtle and suggest a number of other health problems, ranging from a bowel problems to heart disease or even mental health issues.

Some of the signs and symptoms of an overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism) include:

Heat intolerance – A Speedy metabolism leads to an increase in body temperature. Heat intolerance is a symptom reported by people who feel uncomfortable in hot environments. Diagnosis is largely made from the patient history, followed by blood tests and other medical tests to determine the underlying cause

Exhaustion – A body perpetually in overdrive tires out more quickly.

Emotional changes – Anxiety intermixed with depression as well as insomnia or irritability are not uncommon. An overstimulated central nervous system can lead to a variety of emotional changes.

Perspiration and thirst – Sweat glands tend to overwork if your body temp rises. You need to continually replenish with fluids.

Constant hunger – You tend to eat more as your body uses more energy.

Unexplained weight loss. Even though you may be eating constantly, you could lose weight, usually between 5 and 10 pounds — even more in extreme cases.

Racing heart – Your pulse is faster than normal and this can occur when you are exerting yourself or when you are relaxing.

Enlarged thyroid gland – Sometimes, but not always, the thyroid gland becomes enlarged and may protrude from the neck to form a goiter. If the goiter is large enough, it may feel lumpy.hyperthyroidism phadkelabs

Hand tremors – Overproduction of Hormones can make your hands shake. The shaking may be subtle, or it could be to the point where you can’t steadily carry a drink without spilling it.

Diarrhoea – An overactive thyroid causes the digestive system to speed up, and this leads to frequent, loose bowel movements.

Eye problems – In some people with an overactive thyroid gland, eye problems can occur and be quite severe. The most common eye symptom is a retraction of the eyelids that makes the eyes appear to bulge or stare dramatically. Your eyes may also be puffy and watery, and you may experience double vision.

Hives – You might notice an itchy rash, which can be relieved with antihistamines.

Menstrual changes and infertility – Women may notice lighter or missed periods, and may have trouble becoming pregnant.

If you notice these symptoms of hyperthyroidism, call your doctor and get yourself tested. If left untreated, then an overactive thyroid can cause a lot of other problems like heart problems, osteoporosis, PCOD.

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