Get the facts right: 6 Myths busted about heart attacks.

Here are some myths that you thought were true about heart attacks.

  1. The symptoms of heart attacks for men and women are the same.

Most of the symptoms for men and women are similar for heart attacks like nausea,left arm pain & chest pain etc, There are many studies which shows that females are also more likely to experience throat,jaw and neck discomfort. 1


  1. The risk for a heart attack is nil in patients who are thin and who follow a strict exercise regime.

Even if the person is thin and follow a healthy diet and exercise plan, he can still be at risk of developing a heart attack. There are many factors like genetics which also play a role in developing a heart attack.


  1. If the patient is having a heart attack, then he will feel sharp pain and numbness in the arm.

There are many different kinds of heat attack symptoms and chest pain and numbness are not always present. Other symptoms are breathing, sweating, exhaustion, nausea or vomiting, fluttering in the chest or lightheadedness. Fatigue, palpitations and a less intense chest pain are often reported by women.


  1. The Damage to the heart is irreversible if you have a heart attack.

The heart muscle has the capacity to repair itself if the treatment is started right away to restore the blood flow. Therefore it has to be ensured that the patient has to reach the hospital immediately and the treatment has to be started.


  1. Heart attack can be stopped if the patient is given an aspirin immediately

Aspirin does not treat heart attack.There are many studies showing that aspirin given early in the treatment of heart attack can increase the chances of survival but cannot treat it..


6 . If the person has a family history of heart attacks, so its for sure that he/she will have also have a heart attack and there is nothing he/she can do about it.

He/She can avoid the risk by taking proper care of their heart. Heart diseases can be taken care by managing risk factors and following a strict plan of diet and exercise thats right for your health.


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