5 Ways to Prevent Monsoon Diseases

5 Ways to Prevent Monsoon Diseases

The monsoon might be bringing all of us relief from the heat but it also brings with it something else. The months of the rainy season see a significant spike in communicable diseases and ailments of various kinds. It is essential to ensure that you are well protected against diseases such as malaria, fever, cold, dengue etc.

Enjoying the rain should never come at the cost of one’s health. One of the best ways to keep yourself protected this monsoon season is to stay as dry as possible. Since that may not be always possible here are a few things that you can do to help prevent you from falling sick this monsoon.

Protect against mosquitoes :

protect against mosquitoes
protect against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the harbingers of the wet season. They breed wherever they find stagnant water and spread a host of diseases ranging from malaria to dengue. Make sure that whatever stagnant water is collected in your area is drained immediately. Use chemicals as sparingly as you can in these areas as the mosquitoes can get immune to them fairly fast. Keep mosquito repellant handy if you are going to places you know these blood sucking insects infest. Keep mosquito coils handy at your home and in the rooms of children to ensure that they are not disturbed and exposed to the danger of mosquito bites.

Boost your vitamin C intake :

Increase the intake of vitamin C rich foods like lemons and other citrus fruits, this will help reduce your risk of contracting colds and flus. One of the most ignored precautions, increasing your vitamin C levels through supplements is also not a bad idea. While the vitamin may not prevent cold, what it effectively does is reduce the severity of the symptoms and keeps you functioning. With a high supply of vitamin C, the antibodies in your body can repel the virus faster and in a more effective fashion.

Keep off the street food :

Monsoon makes street food joints veritable Petri dishes for diseases. The exposed conditions and low quality of cooking products make it a dangerous combination on the best of days are exacerbated during the monsoon season. The wet season makes exposed food products extremely attractive for bacteria and other infection and disease-causing germs. As tempting as that hot plate of pakoras look, find the self-restraint to not give in to temptation, and thus disease.

Keep your hands and feet disinfected :
Your hands and feet become the most exposed body parts during the wet season. They are constantly exposed to humidity and other similarly exposed places making them a repository for germs and harmful materials. Make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands before you eat and carry with you a bottle of antibacterial sanitizer with you in the very least.

Indulge in hot beverages :

Hot beverages
Hot beverages

Get in the habit of brewing yourself hot green teas or soups when in the mood. The hot beverages will not only provide natural heat to the body but also keep you hydrated. This will help you withstand the cold better, provide great nutrition and also keep at the bay the irritated and sore throats that are so common during the monsoon season. Hot beverages also help rid your body of bacteria and other harmful toxins.

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