5 Reasons why Annual Medical Exams are Crucial to Your Health

As we grow older, it becomes more and more important for us to get ourselves checked on a regular basis. With changing times there and an increased amount of pressure in all spheres of life, it has become important for people of all ages to have a general medical examination once a year. A survey revealed that more than 90% of Americans revealed that they believe annual physical examinations are essential. The number for India however, is dismal.

In the fast paced lives lead at work and home, it is often the health of the individual that takes a back seat. This has led to a steep rise in lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension which have also been contributed to by eating more junk food and stark lack of exercise. It is essential to have diagnostic screenings once a year to make sure that there you are in ship shape. Over and above cancer-screenings, there are a variety of tests that one needs do with advancing age. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously schedule a yearly physical:

A stitch in time

“Too late” are words you never want to hear, especially in a doctor’s office. Getting yearly physical exams along with other tests, depending upon your history, are essential to spot problems before they turn into chronic illnesses.

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It is important to screen for heart disease, cholesterol and even diabetes after a certain age and/or you find you are having similar symptoms. Getting a handle on these diseases early can be the difference between managing the disease and getting managed by it.

Hereditary issues

If you know that you have a family history of certain hereditary disorders, like diabetes, heart diseases, psychological disorders, it is important to get tested for the markers at an early stage.


Having an annual physical examination can be the perfect way to keep a check on your nemesis and treat it effectively so as to have a full and productive life.

Understand your vital signs

Whatever might be your age, it is important to have strong vital signs. These include a healthy heart rate, before and after exercise, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.


An annual medical examination gives you a clear idea of all these vital signs and can effectively point out if there is a problem. If you are sexually active, these examinations could also help you screen for sexually transmitted diseases and help you protect yourself more surely.

Cancer check

One of the biggest killers on the planet, cancer can occur in many forms, some of it can be hereditary. It is important to be tested every year if you have a family history of any of these.


Breast cancer, testicular cancer, colon cancer are some of the most common of them and should be carefully guarded against. Having an annual physical exam and getting the necessary checks for any lumps under the skin and/or if you have a family history of the same, is crucial to preventative measures.

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Preventive measures

Identifying the problem is half the battle won in today’s medical world. A yearly medical exam can help you understand your body better and make sure that you are at your fittest.


Simple tests like the body mass index test or examination or respiratory health could tell you a lot about your fitness and can give you the necessary impetus required for a healthy life.

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